The threat of Sharia is real

August 23, 2012 08:32

Even the most cursory examination of the tenets, teachings and obligations inherent in the comprehensive political-military-legal doctrine of shariah shows it to require adherents to secure its triumph worldwide. – Canada National Post



Frank J. Gaffney at National


… jihad is to be waged in the most efficient fashion: through terrifying violence. Where the correlation of forces is adverse and the use of violence would be impracticable or actually counterproductive, the practitioners of shariah still have an obligation to engage in [] jihad. They are simply to pursue the same objective in a stealthy, not so much non-violent as pre-violent, fashion. The Brothers call the latter “civilization jihad.”

Since 1928, the driving force the most organized, disciplined and ruthless promoters of shariah has been the Muslim Brotherhood.


… the Brotherhood has been able to secure access to substantial financial resources.


One vehicle for purveying these billions of dollars has been an arm of the Saudi government, the Muslim World League (MWL). Under, in particular, the leadership of its former Secretary General, Abdullah Omar Naseef, the MWL seeded and nurtured myriad Muslim Brotherhood front groups around the world.


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