Anti-Romneyites for Romney

September 11, 2012 04:10

With Obama in office, we’re going down the tubes for sure. We may well go down anyway with Romney, and Romney is no radical for capitalism (i.e. freedom) and individual rights. Radical U-turns in economic policy are what’s required to truly save America. But if there’s any time left to buy, perhaps Romney could buy it. – Capitalism Magazine



By at Capitalism Magazine


Given a choice between sure destruction and probable destruction, I’ll take probable destruction—while still fighting for survival, as much as possible. So long as there’s essential freedom of speech, there’s some measure of hope to persuade people to partially or completely reverse course from Obama’s single-mindedly disastrous course.

As economic conditions worsen, which they will on our increasingly socialist course, the risk of losing freedom of speech will heighten. It can happen in America, and I believe it’s inevitable once the government can justify it due to the rioting and destruction likely to occur in a collapsing economy. The more fervent and consistent leftists, such as Jane Fonda, already talk openly of using the FCC to deny broadcast licenses to non-leftist entities such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. One way to guard against the end of free speech is to have divided government.


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