Planned Parenthood Handing Out Condoms At DNC With Anti-Romney Ryan Message On Them

September 5, 2012 05:57

When a campaign has to stoop to using something as personal and private as a condom to denigrate your opponent, it can only be seen as an act of desperation from a morally depraved group of individuals. – Godfather Politics


by D  at Godfather Politics


“But perhaps the biggest attraction at the event where the bright pink packages of condoms that were being handed out to all.  On the front of the condom package was the message:

“Protect Yourself From Romney & Ryan In This Election.”

On the inside of the cover it read:

“Learn The Facts About Romney & Ryan”

Then perhaps the most offensive statement of all was on the actual wrapping of the condom which read:

“PROPER ATTIRE Required for entry.””


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