Mr. President, Mitt Romney Is Not the Enemy – Al Qaeda is, Please inform your Ministry of Truth

September 13, 2012 08:38

The media line up to get their marching orders from the Obama Ministry of Truth and suddenly it’s Gospel: the problem is not al Qaeda. – American Spectator




By Ben Stein at American Spectator


Yes, Romney is the enemy for pointing out that Mr. Obama is ass kissing the terrorists!


This is disgusting. It is nauseating. This is what happens when you have a one-party media. The lie becomes the truth. George Orwell saw it coming. In 1984, his MiniTrue had up its mission.

Who controls the present, controls the past.
Who controls the past controls the future.

It has happened. The MSM and the White House have outlawed truth. Some of us old ones can remember when it was legal and the media worked to keep it alive. Now, like the firemen in Fahrenheit 451, the MSM press exists to obliterate truth — not to preserve it.


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