The Anti-God Party

September 11, 2012 05:00

[T]he exclusions of “God” and “Jerusalem” (as the capital of Israel) from the official Democratic Party platform last week. [] were intentional exclusions that reflect the changing values of an increasingly secular party that’s hostile to Israel and America’s Judeo-Christian character. – Human Events



By: Gary Bauer at Human Events


Both the Obama State Department and the White House press secretary have refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The original platform language omitting Jerusalem was merely an extension of that refusal.

After news of the exclusions threatened to dominate the media’s coverage of the convention, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, serving as the convention chairman, called for a two-thirds voice vote to amend the platform and reinsert the deleted language. But every time God came up for a vote, it was clear that the “nos” were louder than the “ayes.”

So Villaraigosa simply overruled the delegates and declared that the amendments had passed. This prompted a chorus of boos and hisses from the Democratic delegates. The same convention that cheered a parade of speakers from the abortion industry touting the right of mothers to kill their unborn children booed a passing reference to God.


Watch how the nays really have it:

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