To Preserve the Peace, or the State?

September 24, 2012 06:15

If the current administration is ideologically pragmatic to enable the advancement of political Islam, it must quash all criticism of Islam, just as it wishes to quash all criticism of its other statist policies. As other observers have pointed out, the new “enemy” of the state is freedom of speech, or the truth, or the facts. – Capitalism Magazine


By at Capitalism Magazine


Everything done by the Obama administration since its inauguration in January 2009, every word, every gesture, every silence, every dog-and-pony show, has been to preserve the peace – of the state.


All constitutional, civil, and social roadblocks must be removed. This is what happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Mao’s China, Mussolini’s Italy, and Chavez’s Venezuela.


One key element of statism is to make citizens dependent on the state for their sustenance, and to convince the citizenry that they are the state, and that any proposal to nullify a state’s power over them imperils them, as well. After all, they are the state.


To preserve the state, all significant opposition must be silenced.


Obama has a totalitarian, nihilist streak in him as wide as the Mississippi.


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