BenghaziGate: Obama Is A Lazy Liar

October 1, 2012 06:24

This is a president so detached from reality and focused only on his own re-election that not even four Americans murdered by terrorists spurs him to action from the confines of an Oval Office he rarely visits. He’s too busy attacking Mitt Romney’s inexperience in foreign affairs even as he demonstrates his own. – IBD


From IBD Editorials


Obama also knew, or should have known, despite missing more than half his national intelligence briefings before the attack and those immediately afterward as he jetted to a Las Vegas fundraiser while our consulate still smoldered.


That was a lie agreed upon, as were daily press briefings at which White House press secretary Jay Carney argued in the days after the attack that the violence was linked to an Internet video that ridiculed Islam — until he told reporters on a plane it was “self-evident” that it was terrorism …


This is an administration that has said the war on terror is over, yet no one bothered to tell the other side. This is a president who, starting in Cairo in 2009, has apologized to everybody, so he sees no reason why Islamofascists should continue to hate us, much less try to kill us.



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