Fleeing Liberal Utopia – Failed State of California a Vision of Obama’s America

January 18, 2013 05:51

Long term Democrat/progressive/socialist control has brought California to bankruptcy. Unions unholy alliance with Democrats, environmental wackos, and acclaimed victimhood of every group has brought the utopian state of California to ruin. Higher costs, higher taxes, ever increasing tyranny of regulations and thought police have made the state dysfunctional. The first to flee were businesses. Now people are seeing the results of their welfare state.

Sadly, this is where the U.S. is headed. Obama and his socialist Democrats are pushing the exact same tax and spend; false environmental polices; and “social justice” that has ruined California. Illinois is just as bad. Bankrupt cities and states across America have one thing in common – Democrat/progressive socialist ideology in control of their government.

We don’t even have to look across the sea at the failed welfare states of Greece, Italy and France to see how badly our future will be under the continued policies of the radical leftists in charge.


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