Abolish Public Schools

March 18, 2013 06:42

You are forced to pay for a service you may not want or need. You are forced to support the teaching of ideas with which you may or may not agree.


By Brian Phillips at Capitalism Magazine



Public schools are funded by taxes, which are extracted from parents and non-parents alike. Taxpayers have no choice in the matter—their money is taken by force and used for purposes they may or may not approve. For many parents, these taxes make private education for their children impossible.


Parents who cannot afford private education or home schooling have little choice but to send their children to public schools. If they don’t, compulsory attendance laws could land them in jail. And, once their children are in school, they will be taught a curriculum chosen by politicians and educational bureaucrats, not the parents. For example, your children might be taught evolution, though you support creationism.

Every aspect of public education renders your judgment irrelevant.




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