Why is Anyone Surprised? U.S. Has Been Chicagoized

June 11, 2013 06:47

The Alinsky teaching, community organizing, Marxist has brought Chicago thug politics to the national scene. Reward your friends with the people’s money, intimidate and denigrate your opposition, and use the power of government at every level to advance your own agenda, punish your enemies and protect your lies. Why should anyone be surprised?

Obama and his leftist radicals will say anything to anyone to obfuscate the truth, cover up their failures and “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist welfare state that is wholly dependent on government for healthcare, food, housing, and education. This has been apparent from the beginning. Why should anyone be surprised?

This has been the goal of the Progressives for a generation. Obama is the culmination of decades of school indoctrination, media social engineering and Communist manipulation. Why should anyone be surprised?

FYI – The city of Chicago and the state of Illinois lead the nation in corruption – read the report


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