American Sniper a Hero to Iraqis

February 23, 2015 04:30
American Sniper a Hero to Iraqis

‘American Sniper’ is packing theaters in Baghdad. In fact, the film played to sold-out theaters in the first week. Moreover, it was so popular that Iraqis had to book their tickets in advance.

From Liberty and Grace

The movie ‘American Sniper’ has been a box office hit in the U.S. since it opened on Christmas Day, but what do Iraqi’s think of it? You may be very surprised!


Much to the dismay of Hollywood elites, who believe that unless it involves Nazis and WWII, the only American war story worth telling is one of futility. That no one in Hollywood, except Clint Eastwood, would touch this story should not surprise any of us. Unless the script includes soldiers who come to the conclusion that their broken bodies and disturbed souls were squandered for a lie, that they fought for nothing or worse, that they were the problem and the enemy they engaged were the true noble heroes just defending their turf, it is a story not worth telling.

The tycoons of the ‘American Hate Machine,’ called Hollywood certainly want nothing to do with a storyline that features an uncomplicated, decent man who thought of himself as a “sheepdog,” a “protector.” A character who is grounded in traditional American values of God, country and family has no place in the world of Hollywood deception/fantasy. Nor do they want such an individual lauded and set up as any kind of example for younger men and women to emulate.

Even Alex Jones chimes in with an opinion that the whole project is just another exercise in Pentagon propaganda and Clint Eastwood must be getting senile for having anything to do with it. Jones goes on to make some outrageous claims about the death of Pat Tillman and what may have been a silly attempt by the Army to exploit the story of Jessica Lynch as a Rambo GI Jane. However, Jones goes too far when he accuses her of cowering in the vehicle, while the others fought for their lives. Jessica Lynch was hurt and unable to move! Though I like Alex Jones, because he puts out some good leads, I sometimes find his work to be a mixed bag of ideas and assumptions. Therefore, I always check his sources, just like I do everything else. So on his charges that much of the character of Chris Kyle as portrayed in the movie is false, I don’t know, nor do I care. My focus is simply an observation about the powerful emotional impact that this movie is making on most of the American people here at home and in Iraq.

Hear-No-Evi-See-No-Evil-Speak-No-Evil-Instead of the general war movie cliché, that Hollywood likes to serve with what appears to be the slick gravy of authenticity but soon devolves into a tale of soldiers who don’t know what they are fighting for and just want to go home but can’t, Clint Eastwood delivers a focused, savory dish of a Mom and Apple pie kind of guy, a rodeo cowboy, who knew that he could do more with his life than bust broncos. Chris Kyle was no Achilles, he did not return to Iraq three more times to earn glory by adding more notches to his gun, but to protect the men and women that he fought with. That he may have referred to the enemy he fought against as “savages” gets no argument from me. What else would you call someone who would jam a child’s ear with a hand drill. How about the man/bastard who sent his wife and child out to throw an RPG at the American tank moving down the street?

‘American Sniper’ is packing theaters in Baghdad. In fact, the film played to sold-out theaters in the first week. Moreover, it was so popular that Iraqis had to book their tickets in advance. Gaith Mohammed, a 20-ish young Iraqi was interviewed by Susannah George for the “Global Post,” he had this to say about the film

When the sniper (Chris Kyle) hesitated to shoot the child holding the RPG, everyone was yelling ‘Just shoot him!’

Having lived in Baghdad through the events depicted in the film, Mohammed admits that some scenes with women and children were hard for him to watch, but he liked the movie anyway. When asked if he thought the movie was racist or anti-Arab, a charge made by some critics in the West, he replied,

No, why? The sniper was killing terrorists, the only thing that bothered me was when he said he didn’t know anything about the Quran!

This response reveals a down to earth understanding of what American troops faced in Iraq, as well as unfamiliarity with a world beyond the scope of the “Quran.” Mohammed’s solution to “shoot the child” without hesitation says much about a war that for the Iraqi people remains ongoing. Furthermore, his ability to understand that bad things happen and racism has nothing to do with it, is telling. Such insight spoils the flavor of the stew that Marxist race baiters like to spit in the pot to serve the USA up as hopelessly race oriented against non-white peoples.  Even so the Mansour Mall, an upscale theater in Baghdad, pulled the movie after its first week and an employee told the Global Post, it was because,

The hero of this film boasts of killing more than 160 Muslims.

I saw the movie and do not remember such a line delivered, but I could be wrong. Guess that I will just have to see it again! Even so, fear of reprisals from ISIS, which now operates out of northern Iraq, may be the real motivating factor here. It does make sense, ISIS would love to slaughter as many people as possible and a packed movie theater would do the job very nicely. Therefore, watching the film in the safety of home with trusted family and friends has already inspired numerous pirated CDs and under the circumstances, I would probably do the same, sorry Clint.

On the other hand, not all those interviewed had positive things to say about the movie, or Chris Kyle. One Iraqi government employee expressed joy that the movie was pulled because, he thought the movie portrayed Muslims in a negative light. As for Chris Kyle,

bloodthirsty, like all the American troops!

Ok, it is unrealistic to think that heroes for some will be loved by everybody. Yet, the man admitted to having watched the film three times, at home.

So why is this film registering with such emotional power with so many American, as well as Iraqi people?

I suggest that this is not just a pendulum swing back to old fashioned patriotism but a ground swell raising from Americans both Conservative and Liberal, who want to take our country back from the progressive forces of Marxist globalism and the growing threat of Islamo-fascism that Barack Obama refuses to call by name. Barry disaster_recipe-300x300Soetoro’s gig as President of the United States has opened the eyes of many, who can now better understand just how far we have fallen and this makes those who want to “transform” us into their sick nightmare, crazy. Then their is the very real concern of low morale among our military members since Barack Obama ascended to the throne as President of the United States. Never in our history has our military had to endure such a Commander in Chief. Never in our history has such a complete fraud been allowed to continue, but finally ‘Black Privilege’ has bloomed from the sideshow classes of Academia and deep into the culture through our media of which Hollywood has made many contributions over the years and here we are! Puking our guts out over the direction in which this nation is headed. Like Chris Kyle, we all need to take aim and make sure that the bullets of our next votes hit the desired target. Of course Eric Holder intends to blindfold us by enforcing ‘no photo ID required,’ policies (unless the individual is white of course), in any critical districts where the elections are close, if he is still in office at the time. Furthermore, I have no faith and confidence in any Obama approved successor. Either way, Obama and his handlers can be counted on to play dirty. After all, that is what thugs do. War is a nasty business and though we face nothing like the trama our military members continue to face daily in Afghanistan and Iraq, make no mistake the stakes are much too high to remain passive. We must all watch out for each other by correctly identifying the real enemy and act accordingly. After all, there is a little sniper in all of us. Thank you Chris!

American Snipers of the heart – SOUND OFF!

As for the Iraqis, it is good that they understand the sacrifices made by all coalition forces (not just Americans) who tried to help them win a new nation from the nasty grip of Saddam Hussein, but the Iraqis desperately need heroes of their own!

Perhaps our biggest problem in Iraq has been a total lack of understanding with regard to the social and cultural institutions of Semitic peoples. The Western mind did not expect warring factions like the Shia Mahdi Army, led by crazed cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, to attack the coalition forces that had sacrificed so much to liberate them from Saddam Hussein. Add religion to the picture and the problems increase. So what of Israel, are they not Semites? Yes they are, but after 2,000 years of diaspora throughout regions far removed from their historical origins, their unity is now fed from vast storage reserves of great knowledge and insight. The people of Israel have the ability to embrace productive ideas that were conceived far beyond their present borders. Israelis can adjust to changing circumstances yet keep the sacred core of their historical identity. Israel is unique to this region and a boil on the ass of Islam.

In conclusion, I suggest that the real reason why ‘American Sniper’ is so popular in Baghdad, is because the citizens of Baghdad are still living in the reality of the war they see in Chris Kyle’s story. The luxury of reviewing the war through the far removed lens and parameters of elitist Academia, is for their next generation to exercise, but for now, they cannot afford to rest. ISIS is a vile threat that the people of Iraq must face and in doing so, they may have to get over some of their ancient prejudices. Muslims may have to fight alongside Christians and Kurds if they want to defend their land and protect their families. Good grief, even female Kurds are fighting! So if the men of Iraq can gain a little insight from another warrior, a “sheepdog” a “protector” from a land far away who returned over and over again to do what he could, then the film is helpful, because for them the threat is still great.

I love watching war movies because, especially now, they give me the strength to face ISIS. Gaith Mohammed, 28 Jan. 2015, Global Post

When this congressional investigation on Benghazi is over, wouldn’t it be nice if Clint Eastwood, would assimilate all facts revealed and make it into another blockbuster! Perhaps James Woods can play a part?

Shall we ask him?


This article was first posted at Liberty and Grace. Used by permission.

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