Welcome to the gay pitchforks and torches

April 3, 2015 04:22
Welcome to the gay pitchforks and torches

Remember when we were promised that there would be a religious exemption to all the pro gay laws? Notice how the Nazi hedonists are always portrayed as people of love and compassion? The thought police are in full force in America. Agreeing with radical hedonists is now the government issued stamp for commerce. Perhaps the mark of the Beast? Agree or close up shop. Agree or face bigotry, death threats and public humiliation. Welcome to the devilution of man.


More and more businesses owned by people who simply believe in God are being attacked by those who worship sex above all else. Read about one brave pizza shop in Todd Starnes article from Fox: Christian pizzeria slammed by ‘modern-day fascists’.

“The family business came under fierce assault by LGBT activists and their cronies — accusing them of being anti-gay bigots. hell-2-by-jack-chick-300x204Their Facebook pages were smeared with gay pornography. Their phones were overwhelmed by vulgar and profane threats.

A high school softball coach in Concord, Ind., was suspended after posting an arson threat on Twitter.

“Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” Coach Jess Dooley tweeted.

How’s that for tolerance, folks?”

More at: Fox: Christian pizzeria slammed by ‘modern-day fascists’.


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