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August 20, 2012 05:42

Flashback: Ryan: Obama has “paternalistic, arrogant political philosophy”

“If the president is willing to trample on our constitutional rights in a difficult election year, imagine what he will do in implementing the rest of this law after he doesn’t have to face the voters again if he gets reelected.”

June 8, 2012 03:57

Obama Attempts to Diffuse National Religious Freedom Rallies

“Is this some kind of desperate response to the huge rallies that we’ve organized, with tens of thousands of people speaking out against the HHS Mandate?” asks Stand Up Rally national co-director Eric Scheidler. “The timing of President Obama’s forum seems deliberate, perhaps his way of trying to spin this controversial issue in advance of tomorrow’s rallies.”

May 18, 2012 10:32

Bishop slams Georgetown for inviting Obama’s pro-death anti-religious liberty Secretary

Are they that clueless at Georgetown or just that much in the tank for Obama? HHS Secretary Sebelius who issued an order that Catholic Universities and hospitals MUST provide free contraception and abortion pills in their healthcare plans will speak at Georgetown which is a supposedly Catholic university.

April 25, 2012 09:21

Bishops call for “unprecedented, aggressive attack” on Obama’s assault on religious freedom

Catholic leaders are calling for two weeks of public protests against President Barack Obama’s policies as they intensify their argument that the administration is engaged in a war on religion. –

April 19, 2012 04:03

Bishop Says Obama on “Hitlerian” Path

“Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care. In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, President Obama—with his radical, pro-abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path.”

April 10, 2012 08:29

Obama rushes to fund Obamacare – gives half billion dollars to IRS

Just what America needs, a few thousand more IRS agents. Note that a big part of the half billion is to insure that “poor people” get free money to pay for their health insurance required under the mandate that is about to be thrown out by the court. Everything this president touches is about taking from some and giving to his special interests. Wealth redistribution is Marxism. Obama is a Marxist.

March 27, 2012 06:13

Palin: Obamacare eroding foundation of liberty

Sarah Palin discusses the constitutionality of Obamacare and its effect on the election. She also points out that the media bias will dodge the issue during the election to help hide the disaster that is Obama’s signature “accomplishment.”

March 27, 2012 04:19

Obamacare in the Supreme Court 101: Deliberations, Rulings and Impacts

The Supreme Court will consider four main questions when the Obamacare cases come before the bench. And the answers to those questions will determine whether all, some, or none of Obamacare will remain in force after the Court’s decision.

March 22, 2012 13:52

Alabama Joins Catholics in Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

The Attorney General of the State of Alabama filed documents today in US District Court in Birmingham, Alabama to join EWTN Global Catholic Network as a plaintiff in its lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s contraception mandate. EWTN filed its lawsuit on February 9, asking the federal courts to overturn the new rules which require most U.S. employers to provide contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans even if it violates their conscience.

March 21, 2012 05:34

‘Dangerous Unconstitutional HHS Abortifacient/Contraceptive/Sterilization Mandate Hurts Women — Not Healthcare’ Says Dr. Alveda King

Few talk about how abortions and artificial birth control not only kill and/or prevent the birth of babies, they are also very bad for women’s health. Both, for instance, are linked to controversial breast cancer discussions.