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July 16, 2012 09:02

King Obama rewrites law – guts welfare reform

Not content to stop at rewriting immigration policy, education policy and energy policy, yesterday, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an official policy directive rewriting the welfare reform law of 1996. The new policy guts the federal work requirements that were the foundation of the Clinton-era reform.

July 10, 2012 03:40

My Doctor Is Now the IRS

Americans will be forced into a government health insurance exchange, a privilege for which they will have to pay a tax determined by the omnipotent government. A 15-member bureaucratic death panel will deny as much medical care as possible based on age and utility of a “unit” (person) in order to save money.

May 23, 2012 14:33

1993 religious freedom law torpedos Obama’s war on religious liberty

With 43 Catholic institutions suing the government it looks like the Obama dictatorship will have a tough job proving that the HHS mandate to force leftist actions on religious organizations has a government wrench in the works. The 1993 law puts the burden of proof on the government.

April 10, 2012 08:29

Obama rushes to fund Obamacare – gives half billion dollars to IRS

Just what America needs, a few thousand more IRS agents. Note that a big part of the half billion is to insure that “poor people” get free money to pay for their health insurance required under the mandate that is about to be thrown out by the court. Everything this president touches is about taking from some and giving to his special interests. Wealth redistribution is Marxism. Obama is a Marxist.

March 15, 2012 05:03


Mincing no words, the statement declares the HHS edict to be “unjust and illegal.”

March 5, 2012 09:49

ObamaCare Is Designed To End Private Insurers

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that private health insurance providers are in a “death spiral.” Of course they are. Isn’t that the way the authors of ObamaCare planned it? – IBD

February 21, 2012 06:34

Ryan: Obama has “paternalistic, arrogant political philosophy”

“If the president is willing to trample on our constitutional rights in a difficult election year, imagine what he will do in implementing the rest of this law after he doesn’t have to face the voters again if he gets reelected.”

February 17, 2012 05:48

Obama: Mandate Saves Money; Mandate Authors: HHS Forbids Determining If It Saves Money

The fact that HHS prohibited the panel from considering the cost effectiveness of the mandate it developed sharply contrasts with President Obama’s declaration at the White House last Friday that his administration had adopted the panel’s recommendations precisely because they will “make the overall cost of health care lower” –

February 16, 2012 17:53

Priest, Pastor Arrested Outside White House

“Occupy Wall Street protesters have been occupying federal property for months, but when we kneel in prayer, the police are called in and we are arrested,” Father Wilde said.

February 10, 2012 13:34

Obama’s backpedal doublespeak deal on religious attack

The religious institution won’t have to pay for contraception or abortion pills BUT its insurer will have to offer those things free to the employees. Someone needs to tell Obama that nothing is free. This semantics gymnastics will force insurers to raise prices on religious institutions that have the objection. In effect those institutions will still be paying for it through higher premiums. If the Catholics went for this they mad a deal with the devil.