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November 9, 2011 06:37

Anti-Semitism, a Growth Industry in Bad Times

One of the lesser reported aspects of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been a strong element of anti-Semitism. Little wonder that it has been endorsed by the American Nazi Party and other extreme groups, both Left and Right.

November 8, 2011 10:38

Five Differences Between the American Revolution of 1776 and Today

There’s no leadership, but there’s not a widespread desire to be led towards the values of productivity, rationality, progress, profit and freedom. That’s the real difference between 1776 and today. America needs a new Revolution all right, but all revolutions must start in the hearts and minds of the people.

November 7, 2011 10:42

SEIU plan to collapse banks is working

Americans have moved over $4.5 billion from major banks to credit unions.

November 3, 2011 04:48

Protesters shut down Port in Oakland

Fifth busiest port temporarily halted operations when “occupiers” blocked access. The closing could cause delivery delays and cost thousands.

November 2, 2011 06:11

Occupy Wall Street’s Declaration of Dependence

[T]he 99% Declaration is nothing less than an appeal for dependence on government and an explicit surrender to anyone who lusts for power. – Capitalism Magazine

November 1, 2011 05:19

Peter Schiff on his discussions with socialist OWS

Peter Schiff went to the occupiers to reason with them. Here is his take on his experience with the protesters.

October 31, 2011 16:08

Obama White House has direct ties to occupiers

White House political affairs director has ACORN / SEIU / Working Families Party connections. The ACORN front group Working Families Party has been shown to be in on funding and organizing the Occupy movement from the beginning.

October 31, 2011 14:58

Russian Propagandists Exploit Wall Street Protests

RT, a big backer of the Occupy Wall Street protests, has assigned several reporters to cover the demonstrations around the country. The channel has called the protests “America’s Arab Spring,” with an emphasis on alleged police brutality against the demonstrators. One RT program, “The Big Picture,” with self-described progressive Democrat Thom Hartmann, has also focused on the Wall Street protests. Hartmann has refused to disclose how much he is paid by RT for the rights to broadcast his show.

October 28, 2011 15:44

Occupy Oakland Protester admits bottles were thrown at Police BEFORE police responded

Is this Obama’s big vision? Inciting violence in the class war he instigated. Rocks can kill. Are the police just supposed to let chaos happen? Its understandable when you remember that left wing media pundits are saying things like “we need a Kent State event” to stir things up.

October 28, 2011 05:37

Breitbart: #Occupy Protesters Working From ‘Hamas Playbook’

Occupiers are pushing police and instigating violence to keep the focus off of Obama’s policy failures and ruined economy. Breitbart compares them to Hamas tactics.