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July 16, 2012 04:29

Hillary’s End Run Gun Control

Obama administration will sign on to the UN arms treaty which can effect the US second amendment rights. Dick Morris explains how the administration will make the treaty effective without ratification by the senate.

July 12, 2012 08:35

Senate Considers Dangerous United Nations Treaty Undermining Parental Rights

Call your senator 202-2243121! It is outrageous that U.S. senators would support a treaty that surrenders U.S. sovereignty and family integrity to unelected U.N. bureaucrats.

July 11, 2012 10:48

UN clings to climate hoax to push global tax and control

Obama’s tax philosophy gone global! Obama is all for this. He is the next president of the leftist, Marxist UN. The EU collapse is an example of how greater centralized government fails. The further from the people the government gets the more arrogant and disconnected they are. First they came for the rich….. Hold on to your wallets.

July 6, 2012 17:51

Krauthammer: UN is “inherently corrupt” – “sandbox of dictators”

The UN has become anti-west, anti-American and anti-Semitic. Krauthammer explains how it is time to get US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. The latest scandal involves the UN allowing advanced technology from the U.S. to go to North Korea and Iran.

July 6, 2012 13:59

Obama Teams With U.N. for U.S. Gun Control

NRA VP Wayne LaPierre accused Obama of working behind the scenes with the U.N. on a “treaty that could effectively ban or severely restrict civilian ownership of firearms worldwide.” –

June 29, 2012 09:09

EU adopts plan to take over sovereign nations’ budgets – welcome to the EUSSR

Eurozone leaders backed a ten year plan that would give an EU treasury powers over national budgets. The plan uses vague leftist socialist code words that could be interpreted to justify just about any decisions made.

June 28, 2012 12:31

After Rio – what next?

It’s time to stop using a “preserving biodiversity” ruse to keep the world’s most impoverished people forever in poverty.

June 27, 2012 10:40

Selling out America: Destroying U.S. sovereignty via Agenda 21, Part 3

While Barack Obama is failing as a leader in a variety of aspects ranging from the declining jobs economy, the exploding housing bubble and out-of-control debt, his continuing radical promotion of change strongly bears resemblance to the same goals of the United Nations Agenda 21.

June 27, 2012 05:03

Is Obama forcing military leaders to support L.O.S.T.?

Senator James Inhofe cited a letter by a distinguished group of retired senior U.S. military leaders — who earned between them 33 stars — voicing strong concerns that ratification of the United Nations Convention would be detrimental to the national interests of the United States. Active duty officers follow the chain of command in supporting the president’s objectives no matter how detrimental to the nation.

June 26, 2012 09:52

Sustainable Development: The latest UN scare

Advancing “social equity” and “environmental justice,” in ways that Rio+20 sought to do, would actually have meant perpetuating poverty for developing countries, and reducing living standards in wealthier countries. The goal, as in all previous incarnations of Rio+20, was to ensure more equal sharing of increasing scarcity – except for ruling elites.