SEIU Stephen Lerner Tells Unions, and Students They Need To Escalate and Spread Crisis All Over US

September 20, 2011 14:15

“We can create a new world from the ashes of the old.” … “We have to create a crisis for the other side.” While campaigning in 2008 Obama said the SEIU agenda is his agenda and he said he consulted SEIU on policy decisions. Is that why the nation is in a crisis?

Video from CrazyDudeNews:

Union agenda is Obama’s agenda


Like a Mafia Don, Dem lawmaker tells unions ‘Get a little bloody when necessary’

Obama announces $50+ billion 2012 campaign funding push – also in his union “jobs bill”

The real goal of amnesty – 8 million ‘progressive’ Democrat voters – SEIU’s Sec/Treas. Eliseo Medina

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