The Honest Simplicity of Early Americans is Disappearing Through Rogue Liberals

February 23, 2012 12:25

I personally have been turned off for a long time with Planned Parenthood’s antics and mass murders in the name of abortion. I was once a strong contributor to United Way until I found that that organization was a large contributor to Planned Parenthood. I have refused to donate ever since.


By Jerry McConnell


I am basically a simple man born of simple parents with honest and simple, but patriotic ideals. I learned the Pledge of Allegiance to our national flag even before I was in the first grade; and even before the controversial to some, words “under God” were added, of which I approved. I grew up in a community of like citizens all imbued with patriotic ideals.


My father was in the newspaper business, starting off as a young boy in the press publishing room known to all the adult men working there as simply, “Boy”; no one in the print room was called by their given names until they reached the level of at least ‘typesetter apprentice’ the first salaried level of employment in newspaper production.


Those whose duties were the same as my dad’s were known as “Gofer” as in “Hey Boy, go fer some fresh water for a drink” or go for some more lead bars for the type melting pot.” These young lads were paid at whatever spare change the salaried employees cared to throw in a hat for them out of the salaries they received on payday.


Said amounts given to those boys rarely reached a full dollar for a week’s labor; but the era I speak of was before the advent of the 20 th century. Each employee accepted his meager earnings with a smile and a gracious ‘Thank You’. Dad went all through the ranks up to Editor which was his reward for honest endeavor.


Why are things so different today? One word: UNIONS! They introduced another element into our daily lexicon that hadn’t existed openly before; it was also one word: GREED! Those two words have been symbols of the changes from the simple days and people in the first paragraph above, to the utter chaos we see everywhere today.


Oh I don’t mean to imply, nor will I say there was no tightening of the purse strings from management levels; there always was, probably since the first employer hired either Cain or Abel when something needed to be done. So adjustments in equity and fairness were essential obligations.


But that’s another story for another time. And getting back to the memories of the types of people in the first paragraph above, what in God’s name is happening to this once wonderful country? Seems as though just plain old honesty and simplicity has disappeared faster than an ice cream cone in the hands of a toddler at the beach in mid-July.


Just today I read about another one of my kindly old visions that has gotten wrinkled like a cheap suit and doesn’t even resemble the good graces and pleasantness of its former self. In fact, even you may not recognize the new appearance this once angelic vision gave to all of us.


I’m talking about the Girl Scouts; yes, I said ‘Girl Scouts’ those mini females with a great business venture called Girl Scout Cookies that has become one of the sweetest and tastiest fund-raising enterprises ever to give a sweet treat in return for your investment of a mere few bucks supposedly to help those little darlings carry on their association’s mission. But the greed factor is winning out even there.


In an online article in The Patriot Update titled, “Why I No Longer Buy Girl Scout Cookies” dated February 22, 2012, writer David L. Goetsch tells us that the reason why he no longer buys Girl Scout cookies is because “the Girl Scout’s national organization has adopted a leftwing political agenda and become an instrument of Planned Parenthood.” And worse, he says that “the little cookie-bearing girl who knocks on your door this year might not even be a girl.”

 [Editor’s note: usACTIONnews has carried articles on the Planned Parenthood connection with the Girl Scouts since March of 2010:

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Are you ready to believe that? Surely he is mistaken. But no; read on.


Mr. Goetsch goes on, stating, “In what might be the ultimate statement of leftist politics, the Girl Scouts now admit boys who cross dress as girls. To add insult to injury, most of the money raised by the Girl Scouts in your local neighborhood goes not to them or to support their activities, but to the Girl Scouts bureaucracy to support its leftwing political agenda.”


There goes another iconic presentation of what’s good about America and its happy faced young girls bringing great tasting cookies, succumbing to the lousy liberals who are zeroed in on destroying all the good that America once was, beginning at the most tender levels of our youngsters.


Goetsch continues by citing “Cathy Cleve Ruse’s investigation of the inner workings of the Girl Scouts and published what she learned in The Washington Post. What she found is shocking. For example, the media relations officer for the Girl Scouts national organization is none other than Joshua Ackley. Here is what Ruse had to say about Ackley: “Ten years ago…Joshua Ackley was the front-man for the ‘homopunk’ band the Dead Betties. In publicity shots, he’s dressed in women’s clothing, and in music videos, he appears to be naked and feigning masturbation. His video for ‘Hellevator’ portrays a woman being strangled in an elevator shaft while Mr. Ackley flashes a menacing grin.” Nice guy. Just the kind of role model we need for little girls.” I think not.


I personally have been turned off for a long time with Planned Parenthood’s antics and mass murders in the name of abortion. I was once a strong contributor to United Way until I found that that organization was a large contributor to Planned Parenthood. I have refused to donate ever since.


David Goetsch sums up by saying, “This… only touches the surface of the leftwing shenanigans of the Girl Scouts organization. For a more thorough treatment of how far this once commendable organization has fallen, go to”


It seems liberals aren’t content with destroying the U. S. Constitution and our laws, and defying Congress by threatening to rule by diktat with the usurper president saying that “he and Joe (Biden) will act if Congress doesn’t” affirming his dictatorial desires, but they are now going after our children and their once good deeds and corrupting their souls so that even their Creator won’t recognize them.


We have to eliminate this scourge the American way, by the ballot, on November 6, 2012.

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