Leftist Jackboots target groups, rush into restaurant with baseball bats, batons and hammers and beat patrons bloody, “counter-jihad groups” next

May 22, 2012 10:19

How many of you have heard of this new form of mob violence? The enemedia has kept this one hush hush. It is hard to imagine the kind of wicked blitzkrieg the media would be conducting if these SA-inspired brownshirts were tea partiers (!) – Atlas Shrugs


From AtlasShrugs.com



At first, the group that claims responsibility, the Anti-Racist Action Group, focused on just one table, then decided that it wasn’t enough to beat whom they consider their sworn enemies, but also other placid suburbanites who just happened to be enjoying the Irish fare served at Winston’s. When the owner of the restaurant took on one of the hoodie thugs physically, tackling him, he was beaten by five of the thugs.



But it wasn’t the tea party or Republicans. It’s the media’s dahlings — the left. And their victims were a reviled group. So that makes it okay? The left is certainly ratcheting things up on the order of pre-Nazi reign. Yes, these leftist jackboots are attacking a group that no one will stand with, but who is next on their list of victims?


Which means people can get beat up and eventually killed in the name of “social justice”, and nobody in the business of reporting about it, cares. In fact, you get the feeling they kind of digg it.



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