Euro’s 19th Nervous Breakdown – Nigel Farage

July 3, 2012 07:54

Farage unleashes a barrage on Europarl leaders who have been attempting to cover the hemorrhaging of the European debt crisis. Every couple of months they announce some supposed fix or bailout which comforts markets while the slide into economic breakdown continues.

Nothing has been fixed. Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and even France continue their bankrupt spending habits with the populace addicted to government handouts. Sound familiar? Food stamp rolls have increased 70% in America just under Obama. Why does the Pied Piper of socialism keep leading us off the cliffs of insanity “Forward” to economic collapse like the southern European states?

Barroso who is a target of the Farage barrage as the “unelected” president of the European commission is a communist. No wonder they continue to push more centralized control of budgets, lending and currency.

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