Is Administration Clueless or Lying on Libyan Attack?

September 18, 2012 07:05

Failed foreign policy of demonstrating weakness through apology and appeasement has emboldened our enemies and betrayed our friends. Team Obama tries to hide the truth in a herculean effort of campaign mode to help the American people suspend belief to divert attention from four years of national suicide by president. Whether Obama is really clueless or lying doesn’t matter. He’s got to go. We can’t stand four more years of global embarrassment, lack of leadership and shooting ourselves in the head.

If Obama wants to diss America and her allies while setting records for time on the golf course, campaign in Vegas instead of meet with world leaders, laugh on late night TV and give interviews with “The Pimp with the limp” instead of working and offer up slogans and union paybacks instead of serious economic solutions he should go back to community organizing for ACORN. We can’t afford four more years of economic suicide either.

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