Obama’s Cooked Jobs Numbers STILL Stink

October 8, 2012 06:00

Workers who can’t find full-time work, or forced to take huge pay cuts to land work, are not signs of forward momentum. – IBD




From IBD Editorials


… let’s also ignore the fact that this “employed” number has jumped that high only four times in the past 64 years (not counting jumps resulting from changes in “population controls” used by the BLS).


And that every other instance was during a period of powerful economic growth.


It’s also all perfectly innocent, we’re sure, that as a result of these odd numbers, the jobless rate just happened to fall back down to 7.8%, right where it was when Obama took office, providing him good economic news just when he needed it the most.


…the drop in the official unemployment rate, if those numbers are to be believed, was driven largely by a big upturn in part-time jobs.


the BLS’ broader, but little noticed,measure of the unemployed — which includes discouraged workers and those working part time because they can’t find full-time jobs — remained unchanged in September at a gut-wrenching 14.7%.


… given the convenient timing of all these odd results, and that they all just happen to benefit Obama’s re-election efforts, it certainly smells fishy.


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