The Quiet Conquer — Islam’s Sharia Triumphs over Small Town America

October 15, 2012 07:43

As the Muslim world explodes deeper into its own self-induced chaos, the current presidential disregard for Islamic extremists in Middle Eastern countries is deeply disturbing.



By Admiral Mano Bakh, Jacqueline Le Beau and Lana Tomlins


In January 2011 the bustling, small town of Temecula California ruled in favor of establishing a mosque. After eight and a half hours of impassioned arguments made by valiant and caring citizens, a final decision was rendered ignoring the ideals America was built on.


Our forefathers shed blood to cut loose from the shackles of religious monarchies and regimes that dictated what one was to pray and how one was to behave. The freedom to choose what and how to pray became an engram that is now deeply engrained in the soil we walk on. Although our constitution was founded on Judeo-Christian values, we welcome other religions as long as they do no harm. Today, some Islamic religious groups use these constitutional rights to establish their own rule of law. The very form of government we enjoy is now at risk from people who are using it to force their own values on us.


In Islamic countries church and state are indivisible. Individuals do not have unhindered freedom of choice or expression, only a demand for reverence and obedience to Allah’s words and messages that supersede decisions about lifestyle and behavior. In America, we have grown accustomed to exercising freedom of choice as a natural right, but sharia is trying to usurp these freedoms.


Sharia is a supremacist, totalitarian set of laws that narrowly control behavior. It often involves radical and violent behavior. In its strictest form, sharia is considered the infallible law of Allah and there is no room for human interpretation. These laws are all encompassing crime, politics, economics, and dictate personal matters regarding sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer and fasting. In the west today, sharia is silently spreading into our schools, universities and governmental institutions. This quiet conquer in its extreme form breaches completely the line between church and state compelling the individual to comply with a series of mandates based on seventh century law.


Atlanta Georgia mosque

In Temecula, concerned citizens began asking questions about the construction of a proposed 25,000 square foot mosque for just 120 Muslim families. One concern was how the adherents would relate with those in nearby mosques (one of the 9/11 suicide bombers had support from a Saudi financier at a nearby San Diego mosque). An increasing number of local citizens were concerned about the possible radical infiltration of Islamic terrorists into the community but these concerns were ignored by city officials.


The silence and capitulation seems to be the alarming norm for elected officials. The proponents of these mosques are well-rehearsed in demanding their constitutional rights. Those who oppose them are called bigots or religious extremists. Without serious opposition or conflict, “America’s infidels” succumb to this quiet conquer. We question whether our FBI and Homeland Security can effectively address our national security concerns without the ability to investigate these groups who believe they do not have to answer questions because they are protected by the right of assembly supported by our constitution.


The battle was lost on January 26, 2011 in Temecula’s newly completed $75 million city hall. The audience was dominant “developing world”, stacked by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Muslim Affairs Council. The press skirted the crowd to put their slant on the final event. Bigotry and persecution were their usual themes, not concerns about creeping sharia, radicalization and secret monitory origins that continue to support the quiet conquer.


As the Muslim world explodes deeper into its own self-induced chaos, the current presidential disregard for Islamic extremists in Middle Eastern countries is deeply disturbing. In some instances, (Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen) American taxpayer dollars are at stake. Scattered throughout America today are 3,000 mosques, each preaching sharia codes of conduct. The very religious belief system responsible for 9/11 is now forcing its will on our communities. An additional 3,000 mosques are planned in the United States over the next few years, many in small communities like Temecula.


Behind the closed doors of the mosques, sometimes there are dark figures expounding death in order to bring glorious rewards for those who are working for an expansion of a religion that in many instances openly supports the killing of another. Bigotry is the word used against those who dare to question sharia practices, yet is it not true that those who hide behind the persecution accusations are cleverly practicing the worst form of bigotry? Why are we allowing our current administration to take our liberties from us by accepting the ranting of those who preach leniency for others who continue to aggressively move forward with the quiet conquer?


Admiral Mano Bakh was born a Muslim in Iran. He was appointed Admiral under the Shah of Iran. He is author of From Terror to Freedom and founder of Concerned American Citizens. Jacqueline Le Beau is an artist, designer, entrepreneur and co-author of From Terror to Freedom. Lana Tomlins is a freelance writer, living in the Temecula area.

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