Obama’s SOTUS: Deception, Cliche, and Danger

February 18, 2013 05:30

I don’t think that either he or his handlers know the difference between truth and fantasy, objective and subjective.

By Harry Binswanger at Capitalism Magazine


The deception is in the first part, the only part that actually deals with the state of the nation. The section goes way beyond spin. It creates an alternate reality.

To hear the President tell it, not only are we having good times economically, but you know what we’ve been doing fiscally? Cutting spending and cutting the deficit.


Some would say that Obama is just taking a page from his mentor, Saul Alinsky and is deliberately twisting things because it’s in the cause of the revolution (now called a transformative experience).


Of course, with Obama, freedom has a collectivist meaning. …


He wants to fix the vote—yes, I’m sure of that. And on what grounds would he tamper with this crucial defense against tyranny?


…. Obama has repeatedly shown his contempt for the Constitution. Now he is subtly launching what I take to be an assault upon voting. Fear for your freedom.


Dr. Binswanger, a longtime associate of Ayn Rand, is a professor of philosophy at the Objectivist Academic Center of the Ayn Rand Institute.


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