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March 19, 2013 05:55

Frankly, it was shocking to realize the American people had chosen another four years of a statist administration, however narrow the margin.



By Robert C. Wilson


This is the first article posted here in 2013. I have been in a serious funk since the November 2012 election. But as I begin to write it is Washington’s birthday. Today, my paralyzing discouragement is abating, partly because of the memory of George Washington, whom I consider to be a model of character and dedication to the American republic. Then, too, another figure emerged in recent media notice who infused some hope for the survival of the nation as a stronghold of “liberty and justice for all.” (More about this person below.)

Among many I was shocked by the outcome of the election. Mitt Romney was not my first choice as a conservative candidate, but then neither were any of the other Republicans in the primary race. Nevertheless it seemed evident that the country was (and is) going in the wrong direction. And even if Romney were not the perfect candidate, he was capable as a leader and much preferable to the administration in power. It seemed logical that the American people writ large would see this. Obviously this was not the case. Frankly, it was shocking to realize the American people had chosen another four years of a statist administration, however narrow the margin.

The Democrats did two things exceedingly well. First they energized a very effective machine to get their base out to vote. Second, they successfully portrayed Romney (with dutiful cooperation of the mainstream media) as a cold, uncaring robber baron who cared for nothing but money and protecting the rich.

The Romney campaign was not large enough or wise enough to counter the slanderous portrayals of the left, however deceitful. So, much to the dread of many Americans, we are still going down the wrong path. There is no sign that spending will soon be under control, the emerging pitfalls of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can be reversed, or that the steady encroachment of federal authority on basic constitutional liberties will be reversed any time soon.

There was a time when I, flying into Washington, DC, would strain to see the hallowed halls and monuments of our federal government with a sense of awe. The awe has been replaced with a sense of mistrust of career politicians who occupy these halls; people who enjoy privileges and protections not shared by ordinary citizens. Many have become wealthy in office, far beyond the scope of their salaries and benefits. In short, many represent themselves rather than those who elect them. All of this inclines one to pessimism about the survival of the republic as a bastion of liberty and justice.

The only offset to the pessimism is a firm belief in divine providence. Our founders believed that this nation could not come into being without it, and it is so stated in the Declaration of Independence. Going one step further, I believe the only hope is in a spiritual and moral awakening. It has happened before by divine providence, and it can happen again.

For years I have wondered, “Where are the George Washingtons in our day?” Where are the men of unimpeachable character and wisdom who can lead this nation back to sound principles and common sense? Who among the known political figures who might aspire to the White House exhibits this kind of ability and virtue? I strain to think of one. I mentioned early in this posting that another figure emerged in recent media notice who infused some hope for the survival of the nation as a stronghold of “liberty and justice for all.” I refer to Dr. Ben Carson, a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns
Hopkins Hospital. He spoke recently at an Annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC in the presence of the President and members of Congress. What he said was worthy of note, though not in concert with the ideology of many who were present. The overall tone of Dr. Carson’s speech was at once challenging to the current direction of the federal government and society in general, and also optimistic about future possibilities. Click on Dr. Carson Speech to watch the speech on YouTube.

Dr. Carson’s speech was widely criticized in the media as inappropriate for this venue. But many who heard it didn’t care about the venue as much as the urgency of his message. And this was a venue that provided Dr. Carson with a wide audience hungry for his encouragement. I, for one, was profoundly encouraged, especially because he demonstrated that he is a God fearing man who clings tightly to our dependence on divine providence.

Whether or not Dr. Carson will be a candidate for President of United States, or some other influential office remains to be seen. But research into his background shows him to be one who has overcome long odds to become a man of accomplishment and sterling character. He has published a book, America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great, which is worth reading.

Knowing there are people like Dr. Ben Carson, willing to speak with intelligence on important principles without polemics, not as an ideologue, but as a citizen of character and conviction, is intensely encouraging. I pray that other citizens with like character and conviction will emerge in the crucial days to come. But it all depends on divine providence as it did in 1776.


Robert C. Wilson is a veteran of the U.S. Army with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a M.S. in Business. His writings are posted at



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