Democrats LIE to get Elected – Don’t Be STUPID Again

October 7, 2014 05:18

Kentucky Senate candidate Grimes shown to be lying about support for coal to fool Kentucky’s largely Democrat voters who have had some of the lowest electric rates in the US thanks to coal. Recent EPA policies have cost Kentucky thousands of jobs in coal and related industries and made the cost of electricity skyrocket just as Obama promised he would do in 2008.

Grimes also worked for the law firm that was a lobbyist for LG&E, Kentucky’s electric and gas utility company, that has raised rates dramatically with little protection for its citizens.

Grimes is a die hard liberal/progressive/socialist that will toe the Democrat line if elected. She is pro abortion and receives heavy support from the abortion industry and pro abortion groups. She will allow the global warming scam to continue to steal billions from tax payers and help perpetuate the growing loss of freedom in the name of “saving the planet.”

In an early campaign tour, Grimes brought the chair of the senate agricultural committee, Senator Debbie Stabenow (Michigan) down to Kentucky to prove how pro farm she is. Stabenow is pro union and against the right to work. She has support regulating free speech. Most damning of all, Stabenow has been quoted on global warming as saying “Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying. The storms are more volatile. We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes.” I hope she is lying and not really that stupid.

Stabenow’s top contributor is the pro-abortion Emily’s List which had Grimes as a featured candidate.

Grimes is lying about coal. She is also hiding her support for the global warming myth now known as climate change. In a Courier Journal article in September 2013, an environmental wacko tries to pin Grimes down on her support for “climate change.”:

“So I have been asking Grimes’ PR person, Charly Norton, for Grimes’ views on climate change this week. Norton sent the following, which still leaves room for plenty of followup questions but apparently will have to do for now:

Alison understands the reality of climate change. But what she doesn’t support is unnecessary regulation that hurts Kentuckians. She will push for a broader approach that invests federal money in clean coal technology and in helping the industry become more competitive in a changing marketplace. While it is important to protect the environment, it is just as important to make sure the men and women of Kentucky are able to provide for their families. As Senator, Alison  will work to protect the jobs of hardworking Kentuckians in any solution to the changing climate.” From Courier Journal – 9-23-13 [Emphasis added]

What else is Grimes lying about?

So if you want more abortion, gay marriage, higher electric rates, the destruction of the coal industry, fewer jobs, more gun control, less freedom, by all means keep voting Democrat. They will SAY anything.

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