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February 14, 2013 06:46

Obama’s Death Panel Czar

We fools assumed the Constitution was still in effect. We did not realize Congress had passed its power over to a single person who can act totally on her own.

January 14, 2013 08:15

Obamacare is All About More Death and More Taxes

Infants, the young, middle aged and older, all will find their costs for medical care increase or even be denied. There is nothing “affordable” about Obamacare. It is a draconian threat to every American.

December 17, 2012 11:24

Killing Them Softly?

Make no mistake about it, this is killing, not letting die. We treat our dogs better than this. It would be infinitely more humane to put a bullet in these babies’ heads, or to administer a lethal injection, but then that would bring into sharp focus the reality of what doctors and health care providers are doing to these infants.

October 10, 2012 07:19

Should Government Ration Health Care? It’s Coming

Ironically, the same people responsible for funding bridges to nowhere and all manner of wasteful programs and policies will be the same ones deciding whether or not your life-saving cancer medicine is helpful to the bottom line.

August 27, 2012 08:28

Granny and the Anti-Capitalist Cliff

Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” has said in essence that their should be death panels. That the seniors may not deserve the same treatment as younger people.

August 20, 2012 06:34

Flashback: Paul Ryan on Obamacare’s dictatorial rationing boards

“What our concern is, is if we invest all of the power and the funding decisions with a board of 15 people – who’s decisions go into law and don’t even go through Congress – is that the best way to save this entitlement and restrain spending? We believe there’s a better way.”

April 16, 2012 07:41

ObamaCare Vs. LeninCare: U.S. Copies Soviets

The Bolshevik leader told the Russian people everybody would be able to afford going to the doctor, not just the “greedy rich.” He also claimed centralized control of the medical industry would “reduce costs” and end the “waste” from “unnecessary duplication and parallelism” in a competitive market. – IBD Editorials

April 22, 2011 05:23

IPAB Is an Acronym for ‘Death Panel’

The tragic irony here is that costs can be controlled without pulling the plug on Granny. There are market-based alternatives to government rationing.

March 24, 2011 04:30

Would Obamacare have killed baby Joseph?

“Don’t think the case of baby Joseph can’t happen here. Unless ObamaCare is repealed, the day will rapidly come when bureaucrats, not patients and parents, will not only decide what care we get, if any, but also how, where and when we should die.”

January 1, 2011 13:10

Government by Regulation – Krauthammer

So much for Democratic transparency — and for their repeated claim that the more people learn what is in the health-care law, the more they will like it. Turns out ignorance is the Democrats’ best hope.