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November 27, 2012 07:06

European Union and the Failed Welfare State

Could it be that rich and productive countries are tired of subsidizing social welfare, re-distribution of wealth schemes, failed multiculturalism, and sloth?

July 24, 2012 14:01

12 Signs That Spain Is Shifting Gears From Recession To Depression

Financial markets all over the globe are very nervous right now because if the Spanish government ends up asking for a full-blown bailout it could spell the end for the eurozone. There simply is not enough money to do the same kind of thing for Spain that is being done for Greece.

July 3, 2012 07:54

Euro’s 19th Nervous Breakdown – Nigel Farage

Farage unleashes a barrage on Europarl leaders who have been attempting to cover the hemorrhaging of the European debt crisis. Every couple of months they announce some supposed fix or bailout which comforts markets while the slide into economic breakdown continues.

June 25, 2012 10:22

MEP Farage agrees EC president is a communist

MEP Nigel Farage agrees that the European Commission president is a communist. Farage also calls him a complete “idiot.” Farage and other conservatives see the Eurozone as an attempt to create a socialist centralized government similar to the old Soviet Union. Earlier from EC President Barroso told G20 attendees “This crisis was not originated in Europe …  this crisis originated in North America and much of our financial sector was contaminated by, how can I put it, unorthodox practices, […]

June 18, 2012 14:32

Forget The Election Results – Greece Is Still Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe

Right now the ingredients for a “perfect storm” are developing in Europe. Government spending is being slashed all across the continent, ECB monetary policy is very tight, new regulations and deteriorating economic conditions are causing major banks to cut back on lending and there is panic in the air.

May 9, 2012 10:34

EU Titanic has hit the iceberg – facing mass civil unrest, revolution

MEP Nigel Farage at the European Parliament says that what’s happening in the Eurozone could lead to the rise of National Socialism (NAZI). Recent European elections have given rise to socialist and Nazi party gains. Farage calls for the breakup of the EU.

April 20, 2012 09:19

IMF warns Euro currency could collapse and trigger another Great Depression

[I]t warned that the world remains at risk of collapsing into a slump that would rival the Great Depression – with ‘acute risks in Europe’ the major threat. – Mail Online

April 2, 2012 05:00

Eurozone in recession – unemployment hits new high

“It looks odds-on that eurozone GDP contracted again in the first quarter of 2012, thereby moving into recession,” said Howard Archer, chief European economist at IHS Global Insight. – BBC News

February 17, 2012 06:12

The Banishment of the Marginal Worker

Unemployment among this generation is frighteningly high all over the eurozone. These people are wandering and lost. They are slumming and rioting from Athens to London, and not one politician in power has a viable plan for what to do about it.