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March 6, 2013 08:23

Ding Dong the (Socialist) Witch is Dead! To be replaced by union thug

Maduro accused Venezuela’s enemies of attacking the president with cancer. The vice president did not say how that could have been accomplished.

February 10, 2013 16:53

US Consumers Subsidizing Venezuelan Gasoline Selling at 18 Cents a Gallon

The last thing the US should be doing is helping subsidize Venezuelan socialism through cheaper refined products at the expense of US citizens

October 19, 2012 06:49

After Four Years of Obama, the World isn’t Better Off

“You put all this together, and you unmistakably convey, to the world at large, and, most especially, the more dangerous parts of it, an America that is in decline, is weak, has irresolute leadership, and is ripe for the taking.”

October 8, 2012 06:55

Socialist Chavez Wins

[T]he country is also experiencing slow economic growth, high inflation and food shortages.

July 12, 2012 18:30

Obama Excuses Chavez While American Rots in Cuba

This is Chavez who has invited Iran in, who has invited Hezbollah. Hezbollah, of course, being a surrogate and a proxy for Iran would potentially have access to weapons that could be used against us. This is Chavez who champions the Bolivarian Revolution movement and is spreading dictatorships and tyranny throughout Latin America. This is Chavez who supports FARC and other terrorist activity in nations like Colombia, that are our friends.

October 17, 2011 06:58

Communist Party, Nazi Party, Ayatollah Khamenei, Hugo Chavez, Obama, Pelosi in Solidarity with Occupiers

Socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and Iran’s anti-American theocrat Ayatollah Khomeini join with Obama, Pelosi and many other Marxists in the US government in supporting the #OWS protests along with the communists and former White House staffer and revolutionary communist Van Jones. Is something wrong with this picture?

October 14, 2011 06:57

Hugo Chávez, Deadbeat

Chávez’s hare-brained economic policies are being felt on the street, with shortages of electricity, foodstuffs, and housing, not to mention rampant street crime, taking a toll on the working class — his political base — the country is gearing up for a presidential election in October 2012.

September 29, 2011 04:14

Hezb’allah Cells Active Worldwide, Including in U.S.

These cells, through collaboration with drug cartels, have infiltrated Latin America and have even set up shop in Mexico, from where, in a coordinated effort, they are infiltrating the United States.

September 9, 2011 07:15

US Accuses Venezuelan Officials of Aiding Colombian Terrorists FARC

The U.S. Treasury Department said Thursday the four allies of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez supplied arms, training and security for Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), but provided no details.

July 5, 2011 08:35

Allen West on national security – “a dearth of knowledge”

Allen West speaks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan and the general dearth of knowledge about the Islamic jihad threat. West spoke at a Center for Security Policy event in New York City. “.. but its at the strategic level where we have no clarity in the vision and the direction that we want to go.”