Muslim Brotherhood suckers Hillary – or is she complicit?

January 10, 2012 16:35

The Brothers are masters of duplicity and deception. And it looks like they’ve suckered Clinton and her diplomats. Clinton insists Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood seeks “democratic reforms” and sees no reason not to engage its newly formed party. Has she read its platform? – IBD


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Now the Obama administration is breaking with policy and formally reaching out to the group.


But details in the FJP’s election manifesto make these assumptions seem dangerously naive. They hint that the new Islamist regime will act oppressively at home and recklessly abroad.


The group’s deputy chief says it “will not recognize Israel under any circumstances”


… will base Egypt’s new constitution on Shariah, or Islamic law…

In other words, they will be subject to the misogynistic code of Islamic law, which enforces a strict dress and travel code for women.

The regulation of non-Muslims under Shariah law amounts to second-class citizenship.


Before the election, the Brotherhood struck from its English website bylaws calling for “establishing the Islamic state,” or caliphate. And after Osama bin Laden was killed, it told English audiences it was a good thing for peace. But in Arabic, the Brotherhood praised the terrorist as a “martyr” in Arabic and condemned his “assassination.”





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