Amonix adds to growing list of bankrupt solar companies funded by taxpayers

July 19, 2012 09:17

A recent report from the UN admits that their IPCC climate report, which is the basis for all this “green” wasteful spending, is bogus. In very polite and sophisticated language the IPCC admits that it’s claims were NOT peer reviewed and were selected to support their political agenda.

At a recent congressional hearing it was pointed out that the result of this bogus green jobs “investment” has resulted in a cost per job of over $13,700,000!! That’s right. Over thirteen MILLION per job and higher electric rates as a bonus.

Meanwhile it has been six months since Obama has met with his “jobs” council. He’s been busy. He set the record for time playing golf as president. He set a new record for fundraising events.

By the way. His “jobs” council is headed by the outsourcer in chief Jeffrey Immelt head of GE which has closed plants in the US and shipped thousands of jobs overseas. GE which lobbied the government to ban light bulbs and then closed plants in the US so consumers would be forced to buy expensive and dangerous CFL bulbs made in China.
Can we stand four more years of economic suicide?

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