Gov. Haley: Obama allies are bully union bosses

August 30, 2012 04:58

Obama administration has sued South Carolina over immigration laws, voter ID laws, and even sued Boeing over building a plant in the right to work state. Haley says she will not stop fighting until Obama is sent home to Chicago.

SEIU going all out for Obama

Don’t be fooled again – what a 2nd term looks like

Leftist Teachers’ Union Goes All In for Obama

The Union Difference: A Primer On What Unions Do To The Economy

Big Labor spends literally billions of dollars on politics

Tax dollars fund union lobbyists

IN Gov. Daniels on jobs boom from being right to work state

Stockton to become largest city to file bankruptcy due to public unions

Public unions pushing cities to bankruptcy

Big Public Labor Union Spends Big for Dems, Against GOP

The best government money can buy -top 20 public sector union paid politicians

Twilight of the Unions

Pro-life group plans flash mob protest of NEA abortion agenda

Teacher of Year fired by union seniority rules

New report – Billion$ in Obama’s auto bailout went to rich unions

Labor Unions are not dead – just reloading

Obama and Dems depend on unions – Totenberg

Obama’s Socialist Allies Defeated in Wisconsin

Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions

Potential Victories for Individual Rights in 2012

The Wisconsin Recall Stakes

Did Walker Save Wisconsin From the Unions?

Voters fight back on lavish union benefits in Wisconsin and San Jose

Stockton California Joins Cities Bankrupted by Unions

Romney: Obama puts union “campaign cash ahead of the needs of our kids”

Union hate – member bashes Gov. Nikki Haley piñata with a bat -UPDATE – Nikki Haley responds to “union thugs” in “creepy” effigy bashing

Worst Union in America Betrays Schools, Cripples State

Obama’s favorite union tells students to “cause pain”, “get arrested”

Anarchists, socialists, Marxists and teachers’ union?

Teachers top union contributors to Obama superpacs

Unions killing state economies – Want Jobs and Higher Salaries? Move to a Right-to-work State

Prostitution, Education and The Future

Illinois Admits $83 Billion in Pension Liabilities, $54 Billion in Retiree Health Liabilities, $9 Billion in Current Unpaid Bills; Who is to Blame?

Gov. Walker’s labor reforms saving millions – desperate unions fight back

Unions trump free speech at schools – contractor fired over bumper sticker

Unions take on homeowners in property tax fight

Right to work states winning jobs

Union threats succeed in making Wisconsin state senator resign

OECD Spends U.S. Funds Promoting Obama Agenda

Secretive SEIU network partners with Occupy movement, raises nationwide hell

Unions bankrupting states and cities

Auto bailout helped Obama’s friends, at taxpayers’ expense

Unions get right to invade your privacy

Wisconsin gov. expects to run against “big union bosses from Washington”

The Corruption of America

Unions and Government: A Suicide Pact for Everyone

Obama’s Campaign Spending Budget Slammed

Teacher’s Union “children’s fund” is political campaign fund

States Prove Lower Taxes Equal Growth in Jobs and Economy

Obama’s Tyrannical Union Point Man

Why unions are growing government

You Lie! – Obama Claimed Credit for Saving the Auto Industry

Romney: Obama using “union stooges” to pay back big labor support

Obama kept his promise …. to SEIU

Unions Get Waivers Favors Bought With Political Cash

Obama tyranny destroying jobs

Unions Are the Political Dinosaur in the Room

Liberal tax & destroy and pro-union policies drive out businesses

Obama – SEIU ties and the real goal of amnesty

Unions out bid big oil for influence with Democrats

Myths about the teacher layoff crisis

No wonder unions will spend over $100 MILLION to keep Democrats in power

Democrats in Congress Want To Bail Out Union Pensions

Unions using your tax dollars to campaign against you

Big Labor’s Payoff ( one of many)

Look who’s protecting incumbents

Union style terrorism ok when bankers are target?

Unions to spend $100 MILLION+ on saving Democrats -will want even more payback

Taxpayer losses from bailing out Chrysler and General Motors may reach $34 billion

Union benefits already bailed out with taxpayer dollars in GM deal

Tide of PR battle turns against public employee unions

NJ Gov. Christie has the ‘tone’ the people want to hear

Another big union payoff without congress

Another big union payback for Obama election help

Warning! Card check isn’t dead

Obama Gives Unions a ‘Massive Payback’ with Executive Order, Contractors Claim

Fix Is On by Obama and Congress in Union Fight

Meet Andy Stern -SEIU President and Close Obama Ally – & learn about union influence

“New Jersey is the failed experiment”

NJ Governor Christie takes on the Teachers Union

Why firing the desk-sleepers, burnouts, hotheads and other failed union teachers is all but impossible

Socialists and American Unions

Unions want to dump pensions on taxpayers

Public-sector unions bleed taxpayers

Unions Making Postal Service Unsustainable, GAO Says

Labor unions put heat on Democrats – Seek passing of ‘ card check’ and other political payoffs

Obama payoff to unions now official – only unions get government contracts

California At The Breaking Point

Stern Exit May Make Big Labor More Powerful

SEIU pushes immigration ‘reform’ for 8 million new ‘progressive’ voters by claiming opposition is “so f**ing rabidly racist”

Obama and the Dems’ Payoffs to Big Labor continue

Pro union Specter wins state AFL-CIO backing

Unions want Washington’s help (your money) with pension funds

Jerry Brown colludes with unions -urges them to “attack”

Obama thanks SEIU for campaign help & touts public healthcare

New report exposes ACORN as partisan campaigner with ties to SEIU

Sinking By The Stern – Union Influence

Public Sector Unions Tarnish the Golden State

White house to reveal new ’screw the taxpayer, reward the unions’ contracting rules

Public Sector Unions and their Political Donations

Hop on board the public employee union special -unions bankrupting cities & states -will US pick up the tab?

White House to push ACORN pet project- Critics warn plan will ’sneak socialism’ into U.S., cause major economic loss

Obama caught lying about ACORN involvement -where is the investigation?

Why firing the desk-sleepers, burnouts, hotheads and other failed union teachers is all but impossible

Obama’s Love of Labor Makes for One Unholy Union

Public sector: An anchor as we sink

California is America’s Greece

Public Unions Bring LA Near Bankruptcy

Obama and the Government Employees Unions

Money For Nothing- More Union Payoffs with YOUR Money

Dumb and Dumber? What Are College Kids Learning About Our Country?

Big Union money secretly influencing state elections in US

Government Unions Win, You Lose

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