Obama’s redistribution in high gear as welfare payments hit high of over a trillion dollars

October 19, 2012 07:25

Record food stamps and now a record of “transfers” to welfare recipients. Can we afford four more years of economic suicide?

Will we wait until over half of Americans have to be on food stamps? Will we wait until the national debt has doubled? Will we wait until the US is bankrupt and our dollar collapses?


Step up and DO something! It’s time to take our country back from elitist Marxists and left over sixties hippies who never grew up. Get involved! Spread the truth about Obama and the Democrats by Facebook, Twitter, email or handouts.

Are you waiting for the national debt to hit $20 trillion? Are you waiting for hyperinflation and the collapse of the dollar? Are you waiting for an Iranian nuke to toast an American city? Are you waiting for Obamacare to collapse our economy, destroy more jobs and put the health care rationing death panels in place? Are you waiting for Social Security to run out of money and reduce payments?

Are you happy with making you children and grandchildren slaves to government debt? Are you tired of being lied to , stolen from and force fed leftist propaganda?

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