Obama Billion Dollar Green Losers Back in the News

October 12, 2012 07:59

Whatever happened to all the documents the FBI took in the Solyndra raid? The IRS has nixed the Solyndra bankruptcy plan as a tax dodge. Don’t big Obama campaign supporters who received half a billion in taxpayer dollars have to pay their fair share? And congress wants to know about another green Obama loser’s problems before they received a half billion dollar taxpayer guaranteed loan.


These billions lost have been political graft of record proportions. Recent email evidence shows that the administration and top Democrat senators used this green energy program as a political piggy bank. Not only should they not be reelected, they should go to prison. Politicians used to be disgraced and go to jail for a few thousand dollars of chicanery. Now it’s billions stolen from taxpayers and no one seems to care. Can we stand four more years of billion dollar green scams? Are we going to commit national suicide and reelect Obama/Biden?

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