“I want to see more defiance!”

August 13, 2013 06:05
“I want to see more defiance!”

He wasn’t talking to local tea partiers; he was talking to his Republican Member of Congress.


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“We’re losing the country,” a Maryland man said at a town hall meeting. I want to see more defiance!

He wasn’t talking to local tea partiers; he was talking to his Republican Member of Congress.

It is time to take a stand against Obamacare. Heritage President Jim DeMint and Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham are echoing this grassroots call for defiance.



In The Wall Street Journal, they laid out the case for defunding Obamacare:

…despite all the grand speeches, votes and chest-pounding by Republicans promising to try to stop this destructive new law, none of this has required much courage so far—nor has it been effective. Obamacare can be stopped only if Congress denies funding for it in the next spending bill, which must be passed in September. That would immediately halt the implementation of Obamacare and fulfill a defining GOP promise to the American people. Voting for a spending bill that excludes Obamacare will take courage and integrity.

DeMint and Needham believe in this so much that they are going around the country to spread the word.

>>> Find a town hall meeting near you and come out to hear the latest on the fight in Washington

The debate will be bitter—both sides are already warring over the idea of an impasse and a government shutdown. But DeMint and Needham conclude:

President Obama, along with all the Democrats, will accuse Republicans of trying to shut down the government by giving the president a spending bill that he must veto. But there is no “must” about it. If the president opts to shut down all of government instead of just Obamacare, that will be his choice, not the wish of conservatives.

Your voice is important. Meet other conservatives in your area who care about the future of the country.

>>> The tour kicks off next Monday. Learn how you can be a part of the fight against Obamacare

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