Obama’s racism apparent in ’07 speech

October 3, 2012 06:12

New video validates claims Obama is a racist. In the video Obama praises his pastor of 20 years who was an anti-American racist, his favorite college profs and mentors were racists and his hatred for the “rich” comes from his black liberation theology against “rich white folks” as his pastor taught.


Obama with his pastor of 20 yrs – Jeremiah Wright


Here is the full video by The Daily Caller and below are videos of Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright and his college mentor Derrick Bell:



Where Obama got his hate for the rich:


Obama’s racist mentor describing his life motto:


“I live to harass white people” is the life motto of Obama’s college mentor Derrick Bell. A video hidden by the Obama 2008 campaign and recently revealed by Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website shows Obama lauding Professor Bell and telling the crowd to embrace his ideology. Obama then gives Bell a hug onstage.

And Thomas Sowell: Obama wants “getting even” – “revenge society”:

Sowell says Derrick Bell, Obama’s racist college mentor, has a “totalitarian ideology” and is not only against white people but is against blacks who disagree with him. He also discusses the race ideology of Eric Holder and president Obama. Sowell said Obama has turned his back on a color blind society and instead wants a getting even, a revenge society. This is exemplified by the appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General and Holder’s actions with that position.




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