McCain Votes with Majority to Give up US Sovereignty to UN

December 10, 2012 06:54

The Senate failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to ratify the treaty, after a 61-38 vote Tuesday.


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said, “Trying to turn this into an abortion debate is bad politics and just wrong.” Yet Article 25 of the treaty requires “sexual and reproductive health and population-based public health programmes,” which was acknowledged by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to include “access to abortion.” McCain recently called on the Republican party to “drop” the issue of abortion.

The U.N. Treaty on persons with disabilities failed to pass in the Senate on Tuesday after a push from conservatives to call senators to voice their opposition. The 61-38 vote was five short of the two-thirds majority required for ratification of all treaties. Senate Republicans blocked passage saying it could hand over U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. body. Eight Republicans and 2 Independents supported it while no Democrat voted against it. The treaty was adopted in the U.N. in 2006 and President Obama signed it in 2009.

McCain also asserted that the treaty is non-binding and would have no effect on American laws. At a United Nations meeting celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Monday, Mr. Vladimir Cuk emphasized the convention’s role in overturning national laws: “We want clear recognition of the CRPD as a superseding instrument.”


“Dishonesty about this treaty’s ability to reinforce abortion in the United States is unacceptable,” said Josh Craddock, international representative for Personhood USA. “Senator McCain’s remarks are incorrect and incompatible with the goal of protecting persons with disabilities. Personhood must include all human beings, regardless of the state of their physical or mental development. That includes the unborn as well as the disabled.”


Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla. voted against it stating, “I do not support the cumbersome regulations and potentially overzealous international organizations with anti-American biases that infringe upon American society.”


“If, as supporters claim, this treaty does not affect U.S. law, then why do we need it?” asked Adriana Gonzalez, Founder of Catholics Called to Witness and Florida Coordinator for “Thankfully, American sovereignty and parental rights won today. This is a perfect moment to let Americans know how important it is to continue championing the cause of parental rights. Quite literally, we are talking about the future of our nation.”


Michael Farris, President of, hailed today’s vote but warned, “This treaty, as well as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, can be brought up again as early as 2013.” He said the only solution that will permanently preserve parental rights in America is the proposed Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “So we are hoping to take the momentum from today’s vote and focus it on passing that Amendment in the next Congress.”


Personhood USA thanks the 38 Senators who opposed ratification and encourages them to remain steadfast in their convictions. Any treaty that undermines personhood for all unborn children and especially risks the lives of unborn children with disabilities is unacceptable to Personhood USA. The Senate is expected to reconsider the convention in January.


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