$11,000,000.00 Spent Per “Green” Job Ceated

May 10, 2013 06:27

At those prices, we could easily restore the 5 million jobs blown out of the economy since 2009 by spending a mere $57 trillion. – Human Events


By: John Hayward at Human Events


… Department of Energy (DOE) recently updated the list of loan guarantee projects on its website …

IER divided the $26 billion spent on “green jobs” by the Energy ObamaGreenEnergyAgendaDepartment since 2009, divided it by the 2,298 permanent jobs created, and came up with a cost of $11.45 million per job.


Your calculator will melt if you try to compute the per-job cost of famed boondoggles like Solyndra or Abound Soler, where the DOE handed out $535 million and $400 million respectively to create zero permanent jobs, because it turned out the companies were temporary.  But don’t overlook still-functional triumphs like Granite Reliable, a wind-power company that took $168.9 million in Energy Department loan money to create 6 permanent jobs.


Just imagine what the actual market – not the imaginary green one dreamed up by Obama and his billionaire cronies, who very much appreciate your support, even if they never seem to get around to thanking you for it – could have done with all those billions!


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