Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Ruins A Good Global Warming Hoax

September 21, 2012 07:32

The real crisis is not the heating of the global climate but a fear campaign coming unglued. The alarmists’ bible has turned out to be full of false prophets. – IBD



From IBD Editorials


Lost in all the feverish I-told-you-sos was the fact that on one single day in the last week of June, 46 U.S. cities set or tied record lows.

No, they were not all in Alaska. Some were in the Deep South, where even mild summers can be blistering hot.


James Taylor writing in Forbes, “Antarctic sea ice set another record this past week, with the most amount of ice ever recorded on day 256 of the calendar year (Sept. 12 of this leap year).”

Taylor also reports that “Antarctic sea ice has been growing since satellites first began measuring the ice 33 years ago and the sea ice has been above the 33-year average throughout 2012.” He also informs readers that ice on the continent itself is growing, too.


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