Dr. Alveda King on Site at Gosnell Trial

April 25, 2013 05:43

So don’t believe lies and half truths. Abortion is evil. Abortion hurts women and kills human persons (babies and mothers).

by Dr. Alveda King


Breaking report: Gosnell still charged with 4 counts baby murder and one adult; violation of 24 hour notice. He was acquitted of three baby neck_cut_in_aborted_babymurders and all 5 charges of abuse of corpse.

Many seem to agree that the atrocities at the West Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society perpetrated by late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell should never have occurred and that Gosnell deserves to be punished.

At least that’s what’s unfolding now that the trial has been brought to the forefront of the nation by efforts of life affirming bloggers and social media advocates.

In the opening update above, we see that the judge agreed with some of the charges which could still cause Gosnell to be punished for some of the terrible things he has done, just some.

It’s a tragedy that unjust legal loopholes like unclear evidence of issues such as gestational age and size made partial acquittal possible. Our laws are too corrupt and weak to fully protect the human rights and dignity of our babies and their vulnerable mothers.

Prior to a TweetFest on Friday, April 12 and then again on Wednesday, April 17 organized by Bryan Kemper, youth director of Priests for Life, and Andy Moore, AbortionWiki, there seemed to be a media blackout of the trial. Additionally, almost no one from the pro-abortion movement was saying anything.

Finally, liberals had the guts to admit that they were squashing the story.

Aborted baby boy

Aborted baby boy

Now that the media has been moved into covering the trial many are all too eager to comment and condemn the actions of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Unfortunately, still grappling with the injustice of it all, some don’t stop there.

Trapped into what is currently being defined as the growing “mushy middle,” they then go on to spin their lies by blaming pro-life activists for the creation of such a monster by all the pro-life legislation being promoted to better regulate the abortion industry and enforce regulations that already exist.

Don’t be deceived by spin when they say that Gosnell is the exception: he’s not. Gosnell is NOT the exception to the bogus rule that abortion is safe and rare. 2,000 women, including me, have filed an Amicus brief with the US Supreme Court about how abortion hurt us.

They say that Gosnell is a throwback to pre Roe v Wade days and back alley abortions: he’s not. This is happening now, post Roe v Wade. In Sunday’s Washington Post, some are still saying that abortion ranks high among safe medical procedures — they are accusing Gosnell of being a back alley abortionist and an exception to the rule.

WRONG! As Father Frank Pavone says, “Gosnell is the rule!” These types of atrocities are happening all over America right now in under and unregulated abortion mills.

Gosnell is NOT the only one committing these atrocities. Hundreds of women have died from legal abortions. A list of nearly 400 is currently on file and can be viewed at safeandlegal.com. The new documentary, Voice of John, the Florida case of the live baby thrown on the roof, and a new website, AbortionDocs.org are but a few examples of unsafe and definitely not rare abortions.

David Grimes, former head of the CDC abortion surveillance branch said recently that the problems with abortion are so small the CDC surveillance branch NO LONGER EXISTS. He said over 1000 women/yr. died from abortion in 1940s and it’s less than a handful a year.

On the contrary, we know that there’s a really big handful of hurts from abortion yearly. SILENTNOMOREAWARENESS.ORG has the testimonies of hundreds upon hundreds of women that have been harmed by abortion.

Rachael’s Vineyard ministry, healing after abortion, now offers over 950 healing retreats annually in 48 states and 57 countries, to help

Baby feet in jars

Baby feet in jars

women and men that have been harmed by abortion. Their retreat manual has been translated into 22 languages. (Figures as of 2012)

So don’t believe lies and half truths. Abortion is evil. Abortion hurts women and kills human persons (babies and mothers). Abortion must be abolished. Gosnell is just the tip of the iceberg, quickly melting in the fires of truth.





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