Herman Cain: “people sick of race card and class warfare”

October 26, 2012 07:49

Cain rips Obama on the economy, foreign policy failures and divisiveness. His policies and campaign rhetoric have increased racism. Hope and change has become attack and envy.

Obama is out of ideas. Astronomical spending, record debt and record deficits have proved ineffective in creating economic growth, jobs or prosperity. His redistributionist Marxist ideology blinds him to reality. The European countries that moved toward socialism are all collapsing from the weight of spending and debt. Obama has no plan except the failed Euro socialist model.

Obama has nothing left but class warfare and division. Hope and Change has become fear and envy, pander and frighten, despair and depression. His campaign has degenerated into personal attacks, pettiness, arrogance and self delusion. Without the teleprompter Obama has been exposed for who he truly is, a petulant, mean spirited narcissist whose sole claim to experience and fame is as a community organizer.  Can we afford four more years of national suicide?

Dr. Robert Owens called it “Hope and change becomes bait and switch” previously on usACTIONnews.com:

Hope and change has become bait and switch.  Mr. Obama isn’t even trying to win votes from those who disagree with him.  He isn’t trying to change minds. He is trying to buy votes.  He is betting that generations of entitlements have finally birthed the lumpen proletariat that his theories of government proclaim must exist for History to reach its summit.  He is betting his second term on the belief that there are now enough people dependent upon the government that they will vote for a handout instead of voting for a hand up.  He is betting that America has been dumbed down enough and bribed enough to trade our heritage of freedom for the yoke of a guaranteed something instead of the opportunity for everything.

Class warfare, penalizing success, dividing America into interest groups and voter blocks this is the strategy Mr. Obama thinks will win as he works to build a coalition of leftist intellectuals and those convinced they are disenfranchised.  Looking at the polls it appears he has the solid core of 40+% who will vote for a Democrat even if he is the devil himself.  The question is will the unengaged and uninformed voters who should at least hope he will change when combined with the illegals and the dead who at least get to vote in Chicago be enough for him to win?

Can you imagine what a second Obama term will look like won on the basis of a promise to double down on social democracy, a complete disregard for the balance of power, and a desire to totally transform America?  What will be left of the America we have known?  How would we ever get back to where we came from?  No entitlement once enacted has ever been repealed.  The size of government never shrinks.  The power it usurps from the people and the States is never surrendered.


Don’t be fooled again – what a 2nd term looks like:

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